Hello friends.

Yes, it is I, back again.

Here with some delicious recipes!

So hello friends! I know it's been like, forever, and I am soooo sorry but guess what? I'm back! Yay!

So as you probs know, the holiday season is upon us. Which means...sleigh bells! Carols! Santa! Or so you would think.

But, alas. It is still November. So first we have to celebrate thanksgiving.

So, not yet. But soon. Very soon. I shall past the time by posting to this website, wrapped in a comforter....

Since I'm lazy, I'll just post the link for the recipe today. Click here to find caramel hot chocolate with cinnamon!

-Rand :)

Halloween is just around the corner, faithful readers.
To celebrate I am throwing a party—complete with orange soda, paper mâché pumpkins, plenty of candy—everything from Kit Kats to Skittles. Since one of the invitees has peanut allergies Reese's and Snickers will NOT be invited. 
Anyway, I will OF COURSE be dressing up for Halloween. However, as I will dressing up as a traditional ghost with a sheet over my head, it doesn't leave much room to accessorize.
But my Halloween school costume is much better. I will be wearing an awesome mummy Snoopy shirt, with jeans and sneakers, along with creeptascular spiderweb earrings and I will try (emphasis on TRY) to paint my nails in some spooky fashion.
Just wanted to tell you that. I will post my failed attempts at painting my nails here.

Rand :)

P.S. Have you checked out our advice page? It's perfect if you have a problem—like if you, like me, fail at painting nails. Click the tiger or the snake to go to our pages! 🐯 🐍
(If the tiger and/or snake don't show up click here or here)
Okay, so Rox and I live in the Northern United States, which can get cold, but seriously? Snow before Halloween? That's a) rare, and b) not cool.
Especially because trick-or-treating will be NO FUN if there is too much snow. And this year is the first year ever I will host a Halloween party and I want it to be fabulous. 
So anyway, I hope this snow will stop soon.
Love and candy corn,

Rand :)

So, yo. It is currently 11:14 p.m., and me and Rox are still up. In all, we have consumed 4 slices of pizza (cheese), 1 slushie (rootbeer and blue--mixed), 1 can of Orangette orange soda, 1 can of Mountain Dew, and 2 chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, and one whole bag of cheddar popcorn. So, yeah. Definitely going to hit midnight.
Anyway, we are doing some crime-solving. However, it's too personal to share with you guys. Sorry, but still, some things are meant to be kept private and not shared with the entire internet. And, please, you don't really want to know.
So, in honor of our now-eaten bag of Orville Something-or-another Cheddar Popcorn, here are some awesome add-ins for popcorn.

Rand :)

Okay, I am so psyched. Not because I just had 2 Eggo Chocolate Chip waffles (homemade ones are sooo much better-recipe to follow) but because of this amazing blog. Let me tell you, I have wanted a blog for so long.
*Rand looks off into the distance* *harp sounds* *image ripples* *it's backstory time*
(Rand's Voice) We used to have a website-6 6 Random.weebly.com. It was amazing. Everybody loved it.
Then, that fateful day.
It disappeared. Nobody knew what happened to it. Some of the other site host dared to say I, Rand, deleted it. I was shocked and hurt. The site fell apart. 
Two other hosts decided to make a new website-if we ever figure out the URL we will post it here-so me and Rox (sorry, Rox and I) said, "Why not?" Thus the story of the creation of roxandrand.weebly.com.
So, there you are. On our old website, I always wanted a blog, but never got one. So, here I am!
Love and paper mâché,

Rand :)