Hey Everybody!!
How are you?

Well tomorrow is my puppies first birthday. *sniffles* They grow up fast!! So I am throwing hims birthday party including a present, games, and a dog-cake. Yes, I spoil my little guy but Bolt is special puppy! He is a white german shepherd and the worlds cutest and funniest thing. 

Well our knowledge bowl team won first place at our last meet with a score of 84. So, a shoutout to all of my awesome team mates. 

As you have might've found out by the new page, I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES! I am one of "those people". Whatever. Insult all you want, not gonna  change my opinion.  But if you love the Hunger Games like I do, then your gonna want to check out our brand new Hunger Games page. Yes, we went there. 

Merry Christmas as it is right around the corner. I can't wait until it comes. Aaahhh, a nice two or three weeks off from school and homework and other crap that at this point don't even care about. I have this stupid hour long Math final. Man, I do not wanna do it all at but life sucks like that. Thats the only final we have to take so yeah. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!
-Rox :)
Here is more with the story of my life. 

Knowledge bowl

Recently our knowledge bowl team won second at our latest meet and hopefully the last meet thats on Monday will have a great outcome. 

Bus crash

So recently, my class went on a field trip. On the way back on the freeway, a drunk driver rear-ended our bus and had a hit and run. No one was hurt except for heart attacks all around. The guys car was totaled and he was arrested. Happy endings (JK). 

aced my Science fianal and check out the new advice section of the website. Dont be shy!!

Rox :) 

Hello again,
It's been awhile. How are you? I'm great!

I just wanna send a shoutout to these people below that we know:

Rox (ME)

Why these people you may ask? Well, you have to keep reading to find out! 

This is the 6th grade knowledge bowl team at our school who has won two meets in a row within a week. Our next meet is on Tuesday. Wish us luck!

-Rox :)




(deep breath) My second post! The website is growing up so fast!!!!! This is gonna be a long one, so get comfortable!






Hello person,

It's I, Rox

Anywho, tonight I'm going to North Dakota with my big bro to visit UND.

It's not the night I was planning in but I'll be ok.

I have to be home by 5 tomorrow. I'm going to a sleepover with Rand. Gonna be awesome. So I'll let you know what happens with UND.

-Rox :)



    It said not to write anything fancy.

    Anything fancy.


    When in doubt, drink coke